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What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

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Starting to use CBD can be an overwhelming journey, and picking the perfect type of CBD for you is no easy task. There are three major types of CBD: Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full spectrum. 


CBD isolate contains only cannabidiol with nothing else added: no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids. If you want to consume CBD and nothing else, you should go for this one.


Full Spectrum CBD oil contains a full range of natural compounds from the cannabis plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Unlike broad-spectrum and CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD does contain a small amount of THC.


Broad-spectrum CBD contains the majority of the compounds found in the cannabis plant, except for THC. It’s perfect if you want to experience all the benefits of CBD without the effects of THC.


Special Benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is made by isolating individual cannabis compounds and recombining them to mimic the effects and benefits of a full-spectrum extract, with some modifications. So in contrast to CBD isolate, it has enhanced benefits. 


This type of CBD contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant that work together creating an entourage effect, which increases the beneficial properties of the extract without any THC. So, in a way, broad spectrum CBD is like a hybrid between CBD isolate and full spectrum. It has the entourage effect of full spectrum, without the effects of THC.


Broad-spectrum extracts are ideal for people who wish to avoid ingesting THC at all costs. While the amounts of THC present in full-spectrum products are very low (0.3% or less), they can be problematic in two cases:


The first case is people who are drug tested. It is possible that consuming full-spectrum extracts will cause a positive result, even if you are using a legal hemp-derived product.


Therefore, using a THC-free broad spectrum CBD extract may allow you to experience the benefits of CBD products while passing drug tests for THC.


Then on second, we have the people who are extremely sensitive to the effects of THC. These people can feel the effects of THC even in the small amounts found in full-spectrum extracts, especially if they take higher doses.


Using a broad-spectrum extract can ensure that you will not have any psychoactive effects while maintaining the health benefits of a wide range of cannabis phytochemicals.


Is it Better to take Broad Spectrum CBD in the morning or at night?

There is no perfect time of day to use CBD oil, the ideal time is going to be when you feel CBD fits best into your routine.


Many people prefer to use their CBD product in the morning and others prefer in the evening or before bedtime. However, most users choose to use CBD throughout the day to maintain regular concentrations of endocannabinoids in their system.

Although, there are in fact certain benefits of using CBD in the morning or at night, here are a few:

Benefits of using CBD in the Morning:

  • Relax your muscles.
  • Helps with stress management.
  • Enhances your focus.

Benefits of using CBD at night:

  • Better sleep. Since broad spectrum extracts don’t contain THC, the effects of this compound won’t be a problem at bedtime.
  • Helps you relax and unwind.
  • Wake up feeling rested.


Whichever you choose, you can take CBD whenever feels best for you. Just listen to your body and try using it at different times, this way you will find the perfect moment of the day for you to use CBD. 

How much Broad Spectrum CBD can you safely take in a day?


Depending on the individual, their body chemistry, their goals with CBD, type of symptoms, and the severity of those symptoms, the optimal CBD dosage will vary. 


CBD doses are measured in milligrams and can range from 2 mg to 300 mg per day for different needs. CBD can be tolerated in relatively high doses, however, we recommend not to exceed 150 mg per dose.


The best way to find out how much CBD works for you is to start with the lowest possible dose so you can see how your body responds to CBD and increase it until you feel relief from your symptoms.


Our Recommended Dosage Chart:

Simply put, testing from less to more is the most effective way to determine the ideal dosage for yourself. 

We develop scientifically tested products to help with many of these issues, from relieving anxiety to assisting with pain management. 

Our high-quality, pharmacist-formulated CBD products contain potent ingredients and have been through multi-stage third-party lab testing. 

You can be sure that we create every CBD product with care and love. 

So feel free to explore our CBD oils, which are designed to help you with a wide range of issues. 

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